Brian C. Chatton discusses and signs Rolling with Rock Royalty

Rolling with Rock Royalty  isn’t your ordinary autobiography about the music business.

Hailing from a blue-collar town in the North of England, teenage keyboardist Brian Chatton played his first professional gig at the world famous Cavern Club in 1965 with Jon Anderson (YES) in their then band The Warriors. From that point on, he rocked and rolled around the world many times alongside the most celebrated rock giants during the height of the British Invasion.

Music Connection’s January 2019 review of the book states that “What comes through wonderfully is Chatton’s English charm, his glib and winning spirit, something that must’ve helped him survive the often rough and tumble rock life”.

Local lad Brian Chatton speaks about his 'Crazy Daze' with Jimi Hendrix, Jon Anderson and Phil Collins

BRIAN Chatton is not a name that immediately springs to mind when you talk about well-known musicians.

But he has played with some of the biggest names in music, including the likes of The Hollies, BB King, Phil Collins and Meatloaf.

As a songwriter, keyboard player, guitarist and vocalist he has appeared on stages around the world.

What's more, the LA-based musician, who is about to publish his autobiography entitled Crazy Daze with Rock 'n Roll Royalty, is a local lad.

"I was born in Farnworth near the 43 bus route," He said. "When I was two years old in 1950, we moved to Springfield Road in Kearsley, where I lived until 1965."

That year Brian joined the Accrington-based band The Warriors — whose singer went on to much bigger things a few years later.

"It was Jon Anderson, who founded Yes," said Brian. "Jon and I hung together most of the time back then.

"We never seemed to get fed up of talking about where we were going and he became a real confidence booster when I needed it the most.

"I was the youngest in the band and got a lot of flack from the others, but I wish the guys good luck in what they do.

"Sadly, our other band mate Ian Wallace is no longer with us. When he came over to LA I was able to help him and we were almost inseparable.

"He was not dissimilar to Oscar Wilde with his wit and satire, but it was no longer at my expense — without a doubt he was one of the most respected and finest drummers ever to take the stage."

Brian Chatton autobiography

British keyboardist, singer and songwriter, Brian Chatton, just published his autobiography, Rolling With Rock Royalty. Chatton played alongside Jon Anderson in a pre-Yes band and with Phil Collins in Flaming Youth, who recorded the album Ark2 in '69 before Phil went on to greener pastures. Afterwards Chatton played the keys in ex Nice Lee Jackson's band, Jackson Heights, for three albums in the early seventies. The musician went on to a very long carreer which has included hit singles, solo albums and even ventures into new age, and currently resides in Los Angeles. I contacted him on his Facebook page and mentioned an old review of a Jackson Height album where he was described as a 'tastier version' of Keith Emerson. He replied that it was "certainly a compliment" and informed me that, as a matter of fact, Emerson and him shared an apartment in London for 14 years.


Brian Chatton Ain’t Giving Up

As promised, we would update you about the life of keyboardist from “Boy’s Don’t Cry,” Brian Chatton.  Brian Chatton is not only a musician, a father of two beautiful daughters, but has embarked on a career in the acting world. For all that said, Brian Chatton is sure an entertainer of all trades. Many music entertainers find that following the acting trail has opened new doors creatively and gives chance to branch creatively.  Brain Chatton certainly is truly excited to embark on this new adventure, but keep in mind, he is not giving up his music talent for sure.

Bourgeois Magazine LA has been following Brian Chatton on his milestone birthday celebration, show appearance at “The Canyon Club, Oil Can Harry’s,”” Salvation Army Charity Event,”” One Hit Wonder” T.V. show, recently worked on a documentary project about his career, and his debut on the upcoming film “Western Religion.”  Even at the age of 65, Brian Chatton has proven he is not giving up on the entertainment world.